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These articles were written by Michael Chulak from January 2020 to the current date to supplement our frequently asked questions section and to provide you with valuable information:


Twelve Low Cost Tips to Sell Your House Faster
Consequences of Overpricing
Things Homeowners Do to Reduce the Value of their Homes
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Pocket Listing - Real Estate Sales
Pocket Listing - Rental Property Leases
Yard and Estate Sales
Probate Sales
Divorce Real Estate Sales
How to Sell Your Rental Home to an Investor
Due-on-Sale Clause

Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time
Buying Lender Foreclosures or REOs
“As Is” Real Estate Contracts
Transfer Disclosure Statements (TDS)
First Time Buyers
Discount Real Estate Brokers
Open Houses
Important Dates for California Property Owners
Tax Increases - Proposition 13
Five Reasons to Use An Independent Insurance Broker

Renters Insurance - Why it is Necessary
Forms of Homeowner Insurance Policies
Turnoffs for Home Buyers
Short Sales - Real Estate
Condominiums as Investments
Tax Benefits of Professional Property Management
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Develop an Income Property Portfolio
Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker
FICO Score - Credit Score

Reverse Mortgage Loans
Inflation - What You Need to Know
How Saves You Money
Plumbing Clogs - What You Must Know
How Processes Invoices

Installment Sales of Real Estate
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
Seven Reasons to Run From a Property Manager
Interview Questions to Ask a Rental Home Property Manager

Management Company Traps - Caution
Buyer's Real Estate Agent
Acquire Real Estate with Self-Directed IRA and 401K Accounts
Escrow Holder - Functions
Reasons to Use an Independent Escrow Company
Dual Agent Relationships - Residential Sales
What Does Title Insurance Protect Against?
Differences Between CLTA and ALTA Title Policies
Preliminary Title Reports
Home Inspection Reports
Pre-Listing Home Inspections
Closing Costs - Sale of Home
Holding Title to Real Estate in California
Real Property Liens in California
Accessory Dwelling Units - Granny Flats
Fire Safety Checklist
Lead Paint Danger
For Sale by Owner Information
A Buyer's and Sellers' Guide to Multiple Offer Negotiations
Realtor or For Sale by Owner Comparison
Eight Reasons Not to Add Your Child to the Deed of Your Home
Deeds in California
Partition of Real Estate – Forced Sale
Occupancy Restrictions - Condomiums and Apartments
Moving Checklist and Relocation Tips
Cost Segregation - Cost Segregation Analysis
Real Estate Acronyms
Things Burglars Won't Tell You

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