Plumbing Clogs - What You Must Know

Clogged plumbing is a continuing problem in many condominium and apartment buildings. Often the person responsible for clogged plumbing cannot be identified because multiple units are affected by the clog. In many of these cases, homeowner associations or apartment building owners pay the cost of dealing with the clog. This ends up with all condominium owners paying higher assessments and all tenants paying increased rents. What is clear is that certain things are absolutely known to clog plumbing pipes. These include: (1) Eggshells, (2) rice, (3) potatoes, (4) Fruit peels, (5) Celery, (6) Onion skins, (7) Corn, (8) Oil, (9) Dental floss, (10) Hair, (11) Sanitary products, and (12) Baby wipes.