Things Burglars Won't Tell You

  • Thank you for letting me use your bathroom yesterday when I delivered your pizza. While I was there, I unlatched one of your windows to make my job easier.
  • Don't worry about me breaking into your safe. If it's not secured, I'll just take it with me.
  • I'm the one who left the advertising flyer on your front porch. It helps me to determine if you're home when I return. '
  • I know who has a real burglar alarm sign and who has a sign made by a fictitious alarm company.
  • I don't take days off because of rain or snow. You better arm your security system regardless of the weather.
  • If I get into your home, I'll always go through the drawers in the kid's rooms. I often find jewelry and other valuables there.
  • When I burglarize your home, I won't look like a burglar. I'll be wearing a neatly pressed uniform with my phony name on it and I'll be carrying a large empty tool box that will be used to remove your valuables. My vehicle will look like a service vehicle but it will have stolen license plates.
  • I always knock on the door before breaking in to see if you are home. If you're home, I'll offer to provide you with a service that may get me into your house. I'll offer to provide you with a free estimate.
  • I don't like communities with neighborhood watch signs. Nosy neighbors and surveillance cameras are not good for my business.
  • If you have a for sale sign on your house, I can always get a real estate agent to provide me or my partner with a tour of your home including your closets. I can also determine if you have a monitored security alarm system.
  • I learned about your being on vacation on your Facebook page. Thank you.
  • Alarm screens are incredibly effective. One pull and the alarm is activated. There is no way I'm going inside.
  • Video cameras are my worst nightmare. I have no idea if the cameras are being monitored but I do know that a permanent record is being created. When I see a sign warning of surveillance cameras, I turn around and look for an easier target.
  • If your trash containers are left at the curb for more than 24 hours after the scheduled pick-up day, I can be confident that you're not home.