Commercial Condominium Sales

While buying a commercial or industrial Condominium is not a wise decision for everyone, it can prove to be an exceedingly wise decision for many investors, especially those that intend to occupy the property as opposed to leasing it to another business. Buyers that do not anticipate the need expand their space should consider investing in a commercial or industrial condominium. The majority of buyers tend to be doctors, dentists, attorneys, engineers, accountants, psychologists, contractors, financial planners, insurance brokers and agents, architects, tax consultants, and optometrists.

Investors that acquire office and industrial condominiums are seeking:

  • Stable occupancy costs over the long-term;
  • Tax benefits of ownership;
  • The increase in equity as monthly mortgage payments are made;
  • The ability to tell clients and employees that they are owners, not renters, and
  • Potential appreciation in the value of the property over time.

Pacific-Realtors. net can assist you in acquiring or selling an office, retail, or industrial condominium anywhere in Southern California. Our affiliate, has managed commercial condominium associations since 1987.